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What I Like

If you want to write articles with originality, writing about things or habits you love and are interested about is a good idea to start from.

Writing out why you love that target would help you think and find out what kind of things you really want.

For your readers, it would work as a table of contents of your new blog.

So, here's a list of what I'm interested about.


I work as a web application programmer, mainly using Javascript, Java, Python.
I also make games and educational applications for my kids as my personal work.

I'm interested about saving time by automating and bulk processing tasks,
and I'm thinking programming is the easiest way for it.

Pixel Art | Voxel Art

This is my new favorite I found about a year ago.
I love both watching arts other designers created, and creating arts myself.

I like pencil drawing also, but the great point of pixel (voxel) art is that
it is easier to create and transform with programs.

Books And Games

I use to read books with Kindle App in my smartphone.
I read Mangas, Novels and Technical books.

I also play lot of games, mainly smartphone games.I like single player RPGs and Adventure games rather than online multiplayer games. I think it's because I can't wait long to end the story.


These are what I like now, and this blog would mainly about these themes.

Hope you enjoy!


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