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Why Javascript Is The Best Programming Language To Learn First

If you're a programming beginner, and you're not sure what you want to make with programs, and you don't want to waste time learning what you wouldn't use, Javascript would be the best programming language to learn first.

Javascript Is The Only Language You Can Use For Web Client-Side Scripting

The most important reason is that Javascript is the only language you can use for web client-side scripting at this time. All popular browsers support Javascript, and you need to use it if you want to create interactive web pages.

Javascript Can Run Standalone With Node.js

Javascript is not only for web. Using Node.js, you can create CLI programs to read and write files, send mails, or access databases. There are many package libraries enough for beginners.

There are libraries to create web server-side applications like Express, so you can write web backends with Node.js too.

Javascript Is Untyped

Javascript is untyped, which means you don't have to define types of values because the runtime guesses it from context. Programming without specifying types make large-scale programs difficult to debug, but for small programs for small tasks, this makes it easy to change your program dynamically to fit your situation.

If you want to use typed version of Javascript, you can use TypeScript, which is a language you can compile to Javascript.

Javascript Is Everywhere

Javascript was first a language only for web client-sides. But now, Javascript is used everywhere.

For example, using Javascript, you can ...

  • Create Windows10 applications
  • Create GUI desktop applications for Windows/Mac/Linux with Electron
  • Write automation scripts for Mac using JXA
  • Create CLI programs using Node.js
  • Write web application backends using Node.js and Express
  • Write modern web frontend UI using React.js/Vue.js
  • Customize Google Apps
  • Write programs to edit Excel files using ExcelJS
  • Create Native Mobile Applications For iOS And Android using React Native

This means that if you learn Javascript once, you can use it to create whatever you want to.


If you decided to start programming with Javascript, I recommend starting from creating CLI programs with Node.js. With Node.js, you can start without HTML, CSS, and HTTP knowledge, so it would be easier to just simply learn about Javascript programming.


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